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CoSpaces Edu - Level 1 - EN

Create your own interactive 3D worlds using CoSpaces Edu. In this course we help you to bring your imagination to Virtual Reality!

Why should you follow this course?

A good question! A few things you should know about this course:
  • An easy-to-follow, comprehensive introduction to the most powerful functions of CoSpaces Edu;
  • Good starting point for the extra tutorials and in-depth courses we're working on;
  • Requires no coding experience, we'll take you through the basics;
  • We use a visual format with very short videos, which makes it easy to find what you're looking for;
  • Can be followed with free CoSpaces accounts;
  • Up-to-date with the latest functionalities;
  • Based on years of research and physical courses for hundreds of students and professionals;
  • Did we mention it's free?

What will you make?

We're going to build an interactive virtual zoo!

Every step of the process you will learn more about the options CoSpaces Edu has to offer.

Why we love CoSpaces...

Perhaps you're not very familiar with CoSpaces Edu yet. Let's explain why we fell in love with it.

From idea to prototype in hours
We love CoSpaces because you can go from a basic idea to a fully functional Virtual Reality experience in a few hours.

Great tool for learning how to program
We think that learning how to program is a very meaningful experience for anyone. We've used many different languages and environments for teaching the basics of programming; CoSpaces Edu definitely is one of our favorites!

Easy for beginners, but with few limitations
We've given CoSpaces workshops for 10-year-olds, but we've also used it during hackathons for government agencies and software companies. You can really create quite advanced 3D experiences.

Highly accessible
CoSpaces Edu works with laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones. To play your world in VR you only need a simple Google Cardboard. 

Text and mini-videos

This course is a combination of written explanation and mini-videos (gifs) that show what you should do and how it will look.

We chose this because it's much easier to scan the content of the course and find what you're looking for.

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How do I play my game in VR?

When you download the CoSpaces Edu app on your phone, you can play your game with a Google Cardboard VR headset. We will tell you more about this during the course!

Do I need a CoSpaces Edu PRO licence?

No, the free CoSpaces Edu licence suffices for this course. The PRO license does bring a lot of extra joy though! 

Who are you?

We're a small of group of people who make the Virtual Reality Learning Lab. We're located in the lovely town of Leiden in the Netherlands.

We research how you can use VR & AR for teaching and training and share our knowledge through our (online) courses!

Do you charge a fee for this course?

No, this first course is free of charge. There are no other costs involved.

We are working on other courses for which we will ask a fee.